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I have a great pleasure and satisfaction to inform, that on 23rd of September 2022 representants of the JAMADU Ltd. participated in a SOLEMN GALA of a 30 year anniversary of the JANEX INTERNATIONAL.

Let me present my personal memories of the first contracts with JANEX INTERNATIONAL – in the 90’s of the past century. I would like to present my admiration for MR JAN MROZ, founder of the JANEX INTERNATIONAL, great visionary and true friend of mine.

I hereby express my honest and great greetings for the whole TEAM OF JANEX INTERNATIONAL and I am happy, that the heritage of JAN MROZ did not go waste and I am proud, that COMPANIES I am managing are part of YOUR SUCCESS – because 30 years sounds noble.

Jacek Kupidura – Chairman of the Board of JAMADU Ltd.